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AOL Advert.(inspiration) AOL Advert.(inspiration)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Better audio. Please.

I admire the fact that you fit so much audio into such a small file size, and I'm glad that you didn't create a 5mb file for a 60 second animation as people have been known to do.

But in this case, I really think the audio quality needs to be improved, even if it means a larger file size. At some points it was literally uncomfortable to listen to.

The humour was solid, and the graphics... well, they got the job done. A good effort.

Slowloft© Slowloft©

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Funny, but...

As someone who has both been on Zoloft, and has family who use(d) it, I was of a mixed mindset going into this movie.

The humour part of the satire was good. Moved at a nice clip, and lacked the long droughts of humour that films which attempt to be funny are often laden with.

The sober undertones of the movie were somewhat more disappointing, not to be rude. Yes, doctors can get paid to promote new drugs. Yes, medicine is an increasingly commercial business. These are both true.

They're also some of the only reasons we have many of the medications that exist today.

A lot of money, research, and effort goes into designing new drugs. While not all of the profit received is directly required to cover costs of research and development, not to mention testing - and a sizable amount of cash is - there's the simple fact that if it wasn't profitable, most people involved just wouldn't bother.

Very few people are willing to spend years, or in severe cases even decades, researching something that will earn them the same amount of cash they'd get bagging groceries. Money is a huge motivator. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is.

For better or for worse, the current system results in drugs being made available to those who need them. It isn't particularly fair to single out drug companies as though they were the only people who are out to line their pockets with gold at the public's expense. At least the greed of the drug companies can result in positive change in the long run, something one can't say for many other such companies with questionable mores.

That's just my $0.02.

All seriousness put aside, it was a solid movie, and I'd look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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CirrusEpix responds:

I agree with you completely. There is a real need for these drugs. My problem is, I think there are a lot of people now after their media blitz who think they need it, but really don't. As a past zoloft user, you must agree, that is not a mild drug.

Software Piracy Software Piracy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just great. ^_^

A very nice Flash, hilarious. There did seem to be an odd bug with the preloader though; as an example, it would list the movie as being "75.805576651839% loaded". ^_^; Anyhow. Very well done, keep up the good work.

How To Fade How To Fade

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Tweens are, ok but...

That's really a pretty decent tutorial, but I prefer the Actionscript method myself. You just create your object, convert it to a symbol (Movie Clip) and add the following Actionscript:

onClipEvent (load) {

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

You can adjust how quickly or slowly it fades by adjusting the




...lines. You might wish to ammend the tutorial to reference using Actionscript to fade up/down as well, but that's your choice. Keep up the good work. ^_^

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Stizzle24 responds:

I didnt know about that...thanks maybe i will use that sumtime

(HNT) Avoiding the Flames (HNT) Avoiding the Flames

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good stuff.

I liked it. It was informative, concise, and sprinkled with humour. The only complaint I could possibly make would be that (it seemed) the voice got somewhat quieter and harder to hear near the later half of the movie. It might have been my imagination though.

In any event, a very nice submission. Keep up the good work.

JujubeLock responds:

It may have. My post nasal drip had been killing me that day so I might have started to lose it on the recording.

The Supermarket The Supermarket

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Crashes Internet Explorer.

I started to watch the movie, and approximately 30 seconds in (as the woman is passing the rifle rack), I received an error message and Internet Explorer closed.

I came back to Newgrounds and tried again. The same error occured at the exact same point, and again Internet Explorer closed. I tried 2 more times, and both times it causes an error at the exact same time in the movie, which causes Internet Explorer to crash.

I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows XP Home Edition. It should be noted that the movie doesn't cause any problems in Mozilla Firefox 0.8.

The movie itself was good. The graphics were well done and stylish, and the music - while simple - fits the movie. The story seemed a bit exaggerated near the end to me (though I'm guessing that was intended), but the point was clear and well enough presented.

A nice flash, which makes you think.

dilosh responds:

that's weird, i use IE 6.0 with WinXP as well, and it goes well everytime i try. Thank you for your comment.

Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Short but creative.

That was certainly different. Not even in a bad way, really. Just very unexpected. Maybe it's just me though, but it seems like there is a delay between when the stick figure gets kicked the second time, and when he reacts.

Making it a bit longer and smoothing out the synching could turn this in to a very good movie. Nice effort, keep up the good work.

The Freelancer's Life The Freelancer's Life

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Why the extra space?

Well, the movie was cute. I smiled.

The video quality wasn't the best, but I'd rather have slightly bad video than a 5MB download, so that's no big deal.

The music that went with the video was well suited to it. The humour was alright. I didn't laugh out loud, but I did find it amusing.

What struck me most about the movie was, ironically, the blue border around the movie. The window was nearly twice the size of the actual movie, but it was just surrounded by blue.

My personal suggestion would be that if you wish to have some extra padding around the movie, it wouldn't hurt to add a decorative border or pattern, or at least make it a darker colour that attracts less attention.

Not too shabby.

robototron responds:

Yeah, I could have jacked it up to about 5MB for a clearer vid, but then that would be too big.

I'm really glad you liked it. I don't think it's supposed to be a laugh-out-loud kind of movie - more subtle.

As for the space...I don't know. It just imports like that. And, yeah, I guess I could do something decorative or something.